La British Computer Society organizza un incontro a Reading Martedì 17 alle 19.30 dedicato al tema “Fighting Unconscious Bias”

Il tema dell’incontro non è questa volta informatico ma più che altro sociologico e tratta di come relazionarsi ed imparare ad apprezzare la ”diversità” nelle persone nei rapporti di lavoro.

Spesso le aziende tendono a cercare e creare impiegati cloni e questo non e’ un bene alla lunga ne per l’impiegato ne tanto meno per l’azienda.

L’incontro è gratuito ed è una buona occasione, al di la del tema, di fare un po’ di social networking 🙂

Se pensate di partecipare vi potete registrare al link in fondo all’a

How to avoid an invasion of clones

Dear Colleague

Fighting Unconscious Bias  – Tuesday 17th June 7.30-9.30pm

With a rising economy comes talk of skills shortages, a perennial problem in the IT industry, which means that hiring the right person for the job is more important than ever. Unfortunately, we’re all hard-wired to prefer people who look like us, sound like us and share our interests. This is very natural but means we’re less likely to interact with, and hire, people who we perceive as different. In an increasingly global industry we also have to work with people from many different cultures and the same unconscious preferences can mean that misunderstandings plague our working relationships.

We’re delighted that Gillian Arnold the lead consultant on the Unconscious Bias programme and also chair of BCS women will lead this session to help us understand, and counter, unconscious bias. This is the key to working effectively with other people and this session will help you make sure that your organisation hires the best person for the job, not the one that fits an unconscious company stereotype.

Location: Reading Town Hall, Waterhouse Chamber

19:00 Networking
19:30 Fighting Unconscious Bias

20:30 Q&A and Networking
21:30 Close

Cost to attend:

To book:
Places are limited, so please book yours now at

Look forward to seeing you there,
Anthony Parker
Chair, BCS Berkshire

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