Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo si esibiranno a Londra all’ Eventim Apollo il 25 Aprile 2016.

Per ora ho solo la locandina in inglese…appena riceverò quella in italiano la pubblicherò:

PAOLO GUERRA &tijpresent


LIVE 2016


accompanied live by the Big Orchestra of GOOD FELLAS
Produced by Paolo Guerra for AGIDI DUE Srl

Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo celebrating a 25 year long comedy career with a European tour. Starting from London UK on April 25th.

In 2016 Italy’s best loved trio will celebrate their 25 year long carreer of comedy. In order to do so, they are putting together an extraordinary party and will perform all their greatest pieces, also including their most acclaimed sketches that were never brought to the stage again in theatres after the original tours.

LA MONTAGNA, I GEMELLI (from I Corti, 1995), SCUOLA DI POLIZIA, PDOR, SCUOLA DI SICILIANO, AJEJE BRAZORF, DOTTOR ALZEHIMER, IL VIAGGIO (from Tel chi el telun, 1999), IL MUSEO DI ARTE MODERNA, BANCOMAT (da Anplagghed, 2006) are just some of the sketches that we are likely to watch again live. At the same time, some highlights from their unforgettable television and movie works will be screened on the stage (I BULGARI, NICO, JOHNNY GLAMOUR, TAFAZZI, ROLANDO, GLI SVIZZERI, IL CONTE DRACULA, GLI ARBITRI, I TRE TENORI).

This new show is a unique opportunity that should not be missed to enjoy live the fun characters and sketches that made the history of the comedy of Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo: have you missed out on I Corti, Tel chi el telùn, Anplagghed, or rather you have loved them so much you have watched them over and over a hundred times? If so, definitely you cannot miss this extraordinary live event!

As tradition, the show will be directed by Arturo Brachetti, who has worked with them in all their theatre productions (I Corti, Tel chi el telun, Anplagghed e Ammutta Muddica). On stage also the essential presence of Silvana Fallisi. Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo will be accompanied live by the great orchestra of GOOD FELLAS, as happened in Tel chi el telun.

ALDO GIOVANNI E GIACOMO 2016 LIVE in London on April 25th at Eventim Apollo
Doors Open: 7.00pm – Show Time: 8.00pm
Tickets Adv: STALLS £40.00 – CIRCLE £35.00  – STANDING £25.00

INFO: – +44 (0)7479 953732 


EVENTIM APOLLO – 45 Queen Caroline Street, London W6 9QH –