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Avete tempo fino al 16 Aprile 2021 per dire la vostra al Council su come andrebbero spesi i proventi della tassa CIL per migliorare la città.

Ma che cosa é il CIL??

CIL è l’acronimo di Community Infrastructure Levy, una tassa sui nuovi development.

Il 15% di questa tassa viene utilizzata per miglioramenti nell’area dove avviene il nuovo development, mentre l’80% viene utilizzato per progetti strategici per la città.

Tramite questo form potrai dire la tua sulla allocazione del 15%, cioè sui progetti di interesse locale.

C’e’ tempo fino al fino al 16 Aprile

Questa è una lista dei progetti e di come vorrebbero allocare la spesa:

ProjectWardProposed allocationFurther information
Borough-wide graffiti removal projectBorough wide£75,000Highway and cleansing inspections
Town centre monuments and statuesAbbey£50,000Inspection, cleaning and repairs
War memorials and public artAbbey£100,000Inventory, maintenance and cleaning of war memorials & public art
Thames cycle/path route at Kings MeadowAbbey£100,000The surface of the cycle/footpath along sections is cracked and broken from tree routes. Given its continual use by pedestrians and cyclists is in need of attention.
High Street Heritage Action Zones projectAbbey, Battle and Katesgrove£275,000Ongoing programme to make the high street within three town centre conservation areas a more attractive place through physical, community and cultural activities.  Awarded £150,000 of 15% local CIL in previous allocations.
Improvements at Shinfield Road Recreation Ground, Linden Road, involving improving upgrading the park and facilitiesChurch£75,000Upgrading the park and facilities. Removal of the carpet style surfacing within the play area along with some of the fencing and returned to parkland.  New furniture.  Resurfacing of footpaths.  
Skate park at John Rabson Recreation GroundChurch£95,000Installation of skate park. Previous consultation in 2018 proposed that this could be located at Cintra Park, but proposal is now that it be delivered at John Rabson Recreation Ground.
Play area improvements at Waterloo MeadowsKatesgrove£95,000Some items of play equipment need replacing along with safety surfacing.
Arthur Newbery Park play area improvementsKentwood£100,000The large main play unit is over 30yrs old and needs replacing.  Parts are obsolete and have to be specially hand made.
Oxford Road Recreation Ground play area improvementsKentwood£95,000The play equipment is very old and in need of replacement.
Pedestrian crossing on Norcot Road, close to number 91Kentwood/ Tilehurst£50,000Convert refuge island to a full pedestrian crossing, as the island is too small for push chairs. This would also be a safety benefit for school children.  This is a significant distance from the nearest controlled crossings and near to the linking footway between Norcot Road and Wealden Way. Requires full site survey and feasibility investigation.
Dover Street play area improvementsMinster£85,000Equipment and surfacing is at the end of its life. Steep sloping site restricts improvement and is unsuitable for children with disabilities.  It suffers from regular drug abuse and anti-social behaviour.
New laptops for Coley Park Community CentreMinster£2,000Replace 8 old laptops with fully functioning new hardware to be used by the Community Centre, so that more members of the community could benefit from education and support.
Improvements and tidy up of wooden bridge area at Brook Street WestMinster£100,000Open out the area to make it more desirable for local people to visit and less desirable for drug users.  Need for a full project plan.  Could include cycle path link to Berkeley Avenue and/or nature trail.
Moriston Close play area improvementsNorcot£30,000Play equipment is old and has little play value. The size of the site limits potential improvements. 
Palmer Park play area improvementsPark£100,000Offer for disabled children and for toddlers of all abilities needs to be improved. Investment in all-inclusive play a priority. Loose fill surfacing requires replacement to improve access. Several swing units require replacement for health and safety reasons.
Road marking on Morpeth Close, involving parking bay markingsRedlands£5,000Installing parking bay markings to assist in easing some of the area parking issues.
Pedestrian crossing on Addington Road, between the junctions with Erleigh Road and Eastern AvenueRedlands£50,000Provision of controlled crossing at this location. Requires full site survey and feasibility investigation. May necessitate removal of some on street parking to enhance crossing visibility. Aspects of the scheme will require legal public consultation. Will require independent Road Safety Audit.
Pedestrian crossing on Church End Lane, in the vicinity of Moorlands Primary SchoolTilehurst£50,000Installation of controlled pedestrian crossing facilities at this junction, as requested by 2017 petition. Requires full site survey and feasibility investigation. May require some on street parking restrictions to enhance crossing visibility and locating the crossing among the many driveway accesses will be challenging, if it is feasible at all. Aspects of the scheme will require legal public consultation. Will require independent Road Safety Audit.
Lining alteration on The Meadway at the roundabout with St Michael’s RoadTilehurst£10,000Review lining on approaches (‘unnecessary’ 2 lane approaches) to encourage correct use of the roundabout and reduce the number of vehicles cutting across it. May require independent road safety audit.
Landscaping improvements at South Whitley ParkWhitley£15,000Re-landscape the area next to the ballcourt and swings to support informal play, look attractive and make best of areas that will drain.

The projects above total £1.557 million. The remaining £112,000 will be carried forward and allocated in future years.

Per dire la vostra utilizzate questo form. C’e’ tempo fino al fino al 16 Aprile

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