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Come avrete giá appreso dal battage pubblicitario del comune di Reading durante il prossimo weekend saremo invasi da un orda di 100.000 persone da tutti gli UK e anche qualcuno dall’estero.

Mi stupisco che lo stesso comune che fino a pochissimo tempo fa diffondeva accorati appelli alla sicurezza e alla prudenza delle persone nel non diffondere il COVID19 autorizzi un evento ad altissima aggregazione che vedrà 100.000 persone (a loro dire) visitare Reading per parteciparvi.

Le misure che sono state messe in atto sono abbastanza ridicole a mio dire e tipiche di una tick the box culture.

Quindi ho deciso di scrivere la seguente mail al mio MP (nel mio caso Alok Sharma), ai miei consiglieri comunali, al Licensing department del comune e al sindaco di Reading.

Se volete potete scrivere pure voi. Per trovare l’indirizzo del vostro MP di zona potete usare questo link:
Per reperire l’indirizzo dei vostri Councillors invece il link e’ il seguente:

Ecco, qui di seguito, la lettera che ho inviato:

Dear MP, Mayor of Reading and esteemed Councillors,

I find it outrageous that the council is permitting that 100.000 people or more to come altogether from all the parts of the UK (and some for abroad) to this event where high aggregation, fuelled by alcohol (and other stuff) is easily predictable.
It’s a kind of ”COVID19 BONFIRE’‘, and the idea to allow this event is not only idiotic but also CRIMINAL!
How will you manage the positive participants? You can, of course, deny access to them, but will they be free to go all the way back to their home? (and how?)
And how people are really tested?
From what I understood to get the negative result, it’s enough to get one of the free tests and register the result on the NHS website, but this method is completely useless and totally forgeable, and so deeply flawed.
To get a ”negative result” that assures you entry to the event, it’s enough to visit the NHS website to report the test result, insert your data and the test number and declare, under your own responsibility, that you tested NEGATIVE.
The NHS automated system makes an act of faith and sends you an email and SMS that assures you entry to the event.
You could get a negative result email even without touching your nostrils at all!! That’s incredibly dangerous.
I’m grateful that NHS gives us tests for free, but the purpose of them need to be limited to self-testing for your own peace of mind and not to provide a ”certified result” that assures you entry to events such as this one.
Of course, not every participant is acting in this way but who’s going to challenge their declarations?
But even if just a minority will use this ‘escamotage’ or ‘ruse de guerre’  you need to remember that the Delta variant is highly infective so one bad apple can make all the other rotten.
I found the idea to allow this even in these pandemic times after we all suffered cold and dark days closed in our houses and condemned to just a bit of fresh air every day (even too fresh) without the possibility to sit down on a bench, an outrageously criminal and idiotic: I’m sorry, but I cannot be more politically correct than that. 

My best regards,
Marco S. Zuppone

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