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TEDxReading 2017 @ Verizon Suite | Regno Unito

TEDxReading 2017

TEDxReading is an event completely created, curated and staffed by volunteers. It is for a community of like minded people who believe in TEDs ethos of ‘Ideas worth spreading’. They dream big ideas but understand the only way to realise it is to collaborate and help others realise their dreams.


Bring an open mind and heart to this day long event of up to 14 speakers. The talks are on an eclectic range of subjects around the theme of Order from Chaos. We will fill your head with ideas and then allow you time to meet and discuss them with your fellow TEDxers and the speakers during the breaks. Make connections here, these are the positive, forward thinking people we all should be surrounding ourselves by. Events and workshops throughout the year and an online community help you stay in touch and find others like you.   All of the talks are filmed and will be hosted by TED on the TEDx channel. Food and refreshments are included.


In an ever more complex world, some have made it their mission to tame, overcome or exploit the disorder to create simple solutions to complex problems. We invite you to explore some of their ideas with us.